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TiTTiPORN – TiTTiPORN Pussy and Pillows【Asia Fuck Dolls】


  • 作品タイトル:TiTTiPORN Pussy and Pillows
  • 出演AV女優:TiTTiPORN
  • 配信提供元:Asia Fuck Dolls



One of my fans recently got the thrill of a lifetime. He’s been talking with me for over a year and he spends lots of money on me in my cam shows. So it’s only fair that I give him lots of extra attention when he’s online. Well、 we’ve been getting to know one another and he happened to have made plans to visit Thailand where I live. After a long thought、 I caved in and decided to meet him in person. I was quite nervous because even though I’ve seen him on our cam chats、 I still wasn’t sure if he was tall or short or whatever. I don’t know I’m just weird I guess. I was just nervous because we knew each other but never met. When the day came for his arrival、 I made my decision to give him the ultimate fantasy and fuck him. I don’t know、 he’s a really nice guy、 not bad looking、 and he’s been so supportive in my cam chats giving me lots of good reviews and ratings. I think I owe him at least a hand-job. So when Justin opened the door and saw me standing in only bra and panties、 he instantly smiled. I slowly stripped naked and made a nice sexy show for him on the bed. His cock was out and he was jerking his meat as I arched my back and spread my legs wide open. Anytime he wanted、 I was ready. Then I felt his tongue touch my vagina、 and his lips followed. He tongued my opening and spread my pussy open to going in further. Shock waves of ecstasy shot through my body and my nipples hardened like never before. Jason was excellent at cunnilingus and my pussy was now craving his rigid tool to enter me. But first he needed to get a feeling of my expert fellatio so I took his raging boner into my mouth and began sucking the helmet nice and slow、 twirling my tongue around his head. His body instantly started humping my mouth and my strokes matched his which must have given him the best feeling. He then lied back on the bed and I mounted him in cowgirl position. My pussy finally being rewarded with a handsome、 fully erect cock. I eased down nice and slow feeling every inch penetrate my inner walls and stretching me open. It was big but not too big. There were twinges of pain but in a good way. Once my pussy had reached the bottom I began to lean forward making my pussy to release his cock. This motion of rocking back n forth lasted for minutes as we both enjoyed the feeling of fucking someone sexy、 someone strange、 someone new. Jason rolled me over on all fours and entered me again、 this time with him in control. I can only arch my back and aim my ass up for him to grab as he shoves his big cock inside me. Doggie style is the ultimate get fucked position. Nothing more submissive than letting someone who you can see bend you over and just fuck you like a dog. I guess that’s why the position is so popular. It’s just raw and dirty. And Jason was no stranger to fucking girls Doggie because he knew how to fuck me and fuck me good. We fucked in several other positions before Jason finally feeling the need to cum、 shot off inside my wet tight hole. He cum was massive and he shot most of it into my cervix. It was so much I was afraid of pregnancy as I’m not on any form of birth control. I suppose I wouldn’t mind getting knocked up by this guy as he seemed very nice. When he pulled out I tried to let it drip out but I think it was all buried too deep. Oh poor Jason、 you might be a Daddy soon.