Monger In Asia

Bubble-Butt Teen With Braces Corked and Creampied! Kiana【Hey動画】


  • 作品タイトル:Bubble-Butt Teen With Braces Corked and Creampied!
  • 出演者:Kiana



Wow! My first Monger In Asia “hat trick!” Sexy little Kiana started off as one of my favorite hookers to spy on and eventually became an excellent、 productive Bangmaid for me. She’d cook my meals、 clean my house、 and serve my cock with sincere dedication. However、 after numerous sessions of vicious pounding and overflowing creampies、 Kiana just wasn’t getting pregnant. We kept missing that 48-hour window of maximum fertility and the little whore was severely disappointed. After all、 it was her lifelong dream to bear a strong、 healthy western baby in her tight teen belly.*****Well my dear、 it’s time to send you out with a bang (literally)! *****My harem of Bangmaids was starting to get unwieldy and I needed to make some room for even fresher teens to serve me、 so I made sure that our last session together was going to be productive. And by productive、 I mean I wanted my sperm to hit her egg just as it was dropping from her ovaries. No half-assed measures or second guessing this time. *****I made Kiana download a free fertility app on her phone so that she could track the exact time she was at her maximum fecundity、 and although the app confused her a little bit (she’s more used to playing Candy Crush) she eventually figured it out. So when I received this cryptic text from her – “my egg ready 4 have baby” – my balls got all tingly with anticipation.*****Kiana came over and we got straight to business. After a long、 deep blowjob、 I pumped her fresh young pussy in every position I could think of before finally depositing my virile seed straight into her ovulating uterus in missionary position. The sperm went so deep that when 15 minutes had passed and it was time to uncork her、 the sperm just didn’t want to come out. Good job guys! Stay in there as long as you can! But as it eventually started to slowly trickle out、 I sat back and smiled as I knew I finally got this beautiful little teenie properly fertilized. From street whore to Bangmaid to human wine bottle、 I’ll always remember cute little Kiana as my first MIA hat trick!