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Sexy Skinny Bangmaid Creampied on Hidden Camera! Natasha Rose【Hey動画】


  • 作品タイトル:Sexy Skinny Bangmaid Creampied on Hidden Camera!
  • 出演者:Natasha Rose



So last month I told you guys that I finally decided to knock up my favorite Bangmaid Natasha. It was a tough choice to make because I love her micro-thin 19-inch waist and wanted to keep it intact for as long as possible. However、 the urge to breed this fine female was just too strong and I couldn’t resist pumping my virile seed deep into the depths of her womb and making her a mommy. *****This hidden cam scene is one I secretly recorded during the same 3-day period when she was ovulating. I’m not sure if this is the creampie that ultimately knocked her up or if it was the one from the Bangmaid shoot、 but I’m happy to say that a month has passed and my sweet、 docile Bangmaid missed her period. Success! And she had no idea I was filming this scene the whole time! Not that she would have protested、 but it’s much more fun to see the candid、 spontaneous looks on girls faces when they don’t suspect being on camera.*****Natasha’s been really happy since missing her period and she’s so thankful I finally decided to breed her. She’s always served me with utmost servility、 but lately she’s just been going the extra mile every chance she gets. It’s so cool to see how happy Filipina girls get when you knock them up! I love it.*****Natasha’s body is about to start changing dramatically over the next few months as she harbors my future baby. I can’t wait to see her tiny little belly start to expand like a balloon! And don’t worry guys – there’s no one I’d rather share her private、 pregnant videos with than you、 my fans! Stay tuned….