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Sexy, Skinny Cowgirl Gets Porked and Corked! Jezebel【Hey動画】


  • 作品タイトル:Sexy, Skinny Cowgirl Gets Porked and Corked!
  • 出演者:Jezebel



As you guys might remember、 I met this weekend’s breeder、 Jezebel、 at a “Cowgirl” themed bar in Angeles City a few months ago and captured our romantic rendezvous on hidden camera at my hotel. Her body was so tight and she was eager to breed、 but the creampie I delivered into her unsuspecting pussy didn’t fertilize her as she wasn’t ovulating that day. Bummer!*****But no worries! If at first you don’t succeed、 try、 try again! I of course kept in touch with Jezebel because a girl with a tight spinner body like hers is one you don’t fuck only once. I was determined to breed her、 so we kept in contact and set up a time for the next month when she was at maximum fertility in her cycle.*****Jezebel arrived in street clothes so I made the little hooker change into something more appropriate for breeding – a slutty、 sequined red bikini – and started my cattle examination. Goddam、 this girl’s body was so tight! You could seriously bounce a quarter of her ass a mile high. And although her tits were small and her hips were narrow、 I was still optimistic that my future baby was going to be able to grow up healthy and strong inside her tiny tummy.*****Jezebel’s blowjob skills were solid、 and although she was a very small girl、 she could adequately handle my 9-inch cock. Well….at least for a while. Like our previous trysts、 after about 20 minutes the size of my cock definitely started to hurt her. Although the look of pain on a girl’s face while I’m plowing into her pussy is definitely a turn-on、 I decided to give the little breeder a break and unload into her unprotected womb after only 20 minutes of boom-boom. She is the future mother of my baby after all. I don’t want to irreparably damage her barely-legal breeding box before it’s even had a chance to pop out my kids!