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Anah – Thai woman has unprotected sex on bed【Asia Fuck Dolls】


  • 作品タイトル:Thai woman has unprotected sex on bed
  • 出演AV女優:Anah
  • 配信提供元:Asia Fuck Dolls



The bars were open late tonight. I didn’t expect to find any action at 5am、 but sure enough there was some places still pumping out the music. On occasion you could hear a bell ring and then the fabulous sound of young girls screaming. I had to check out the scene and see if there were any contenders for a late night romp. When I arrived、 I was grabbed by a girl named Anah who is 20 years old and from the province of Buri Ram. I know Essan girls love to fuck so I was down for a drink or two to see where this would go. After some small talk、 I asked Anah if she would make a sex video with me and she said yes. Anah’s body was really nice when she started removing her outfit. Her tits we nicely shaped and she had a nice round ass. She used her fingers to stimulate her plump pussy lips making it wet and ready for entry. But I need some head first. So Anah took to sucking my boner and she did a fantastic job. You can tell a quality bar girl when they can give good blowjobs. Lots of experience in that line of profession. And thank heaven’s for that. Bar girls are the training grounds and I’m all for supporting them. After Anah’s excellent bj、 she climbed on top and road my cock completely bareback. I was pretty confident it would be raw、 but seeing her slide my unprotected dick inside her unprotected pussy made it all the more exciting. Anah rode me forwards and backwards、 then got off to suck my cock again. She’s a naughty little nymph and my cock was loving every minute of her enthusiasm. Finally I felt the urge to cum so I fucked Anah in missionary and came inside her pussy nice and deep. When I pulled out、 a flow of semen followed and dripped out of her hole and down her crack. Where’s that bell? … I need to ring it!