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Big Breasted Whore Gets Fucked Hard On Hidden Camera Pam【Hey動画】


  • 作品タイトル:Big Breasted Whore Gets Fucked Hard On Hidden Camera
  • 出演者:Pam



I was wandering around Nana Plaza one night、 popping my head into countless gogo bars looking for a nice fresh whore to bang、 when I stepped into a bar with a "schoolgirl" theme. There were about 20-30 girls all in plaid skirts and white blouses (no bras) dancing on stage. Nice. I took a seat、 had a drink、 and my eyes instantly locked onto Pam. This girl was perfect – pretty face、 nice round ass、 and a pair of the juiciest、 ripest milk-makers I'd seen in months. I bought Pam a drink and proceeded to "get to know" her….and by "get to know" I mean I made her sit in my lap、 open up her blouse、 and bounce up and down on my knee so I could observe the quality of her massive melons.*****Girls in western countries get indignant and upset when men treat them like pieces of meat、 but Thai girls don’t mind. Pam smiled and giggled as I openly fondled her juicy jugs in the bar. She was so happy to be getting attention、 and I was happy to give it. After about 10 minutes bouncing/squeezing/fondling I knew I had to take this whore home. And that's exactly what I did!*****Pam gave excellent service – a long、 slow、 deep blowjob; doggystyle; cowgirl; mish; etc. She insisted I wear a condom (dammit!) and I obliged. But man、 I really wanted to plant my seed into this fertile milk cow. I could just imagine 9 months from now Pam's teets overflowing with nutritious、 delicious milk. But oh well、 I guess I'll just pop my load all over those fat udders for now…and sweet、 naive Pam had no idea I was filming the whole time!